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Nurse Navigator at CRMH Educates, Supports Breast Cancer Patients

Nurse Navigator at CRMH Educates, Supports Breast Cancer Patients

October 25, 2017

With Breast Cancer Awareness month being upon us, Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is pleased to remind everyone that Nurse Navigator, Susan Dufrenne, is available to meet with those who are having on-going testing, or who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Susan serves as an educator and support person for these patients. She becomes involved with the care of the woman beginning when their yearly screening mammogram has abnormalities and the need for additional testing arises.

“Women who have had an abnormal screening mammogram will receive a letter in the mail stating they will need additional breast imaging. This can be a very stressful and anxious time for her. My job is to lessen that stress and educate her on what to expect when she comes in for the additional testing,” states Susan.

When possible, Susan tries to contact these women before they receive the letter, which has had a positive response. Once the woman has been notified, she then continues to educate and navigate her throughout her journey. She assists with the breast biopsy and if there is a positive breast cancer diagnosis, she becomes the woman’s constant contact for education and support.

“Mammograms are one of the most important breast cancer screening tools a woman has. Early detection is the best way to positive outcomes,” notes Susan.

Part of Susan’s main goal is to help women by doing such things as setting up appointments, assisting with transportation, referring them to support groups, or just being there to answer any questions that arise during the course of treatment.

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital also has a wig bank on-site, and Susan meets with the individual, does wig fittings and helps them choose a wig that would best suit them. The wigs are provided through the American Cancer Society and are available to any woman currently in treatment. One wig is provided at no charge to the patient ($60 limit). Any woman is welcome to contact Susan about receiving a wig regardless of if they are a patient at CRMH.

If you are a woman and have no insurance and are in need of a mammogram, contact Susan for assistance at (618) 395-7340 ext. 4608.