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Roberts Thankful for Access to Cardiac Care

Roberts Thankful for Access to Cardiac Care

January 18, 2018

When Bill Roberts of Willow Hill suddenly began not feeling well last March, he thought he was facing the flu.  However, it ended up being much more serious.

Bill went to a nearby hospital Emergency Department for his symptoms.  They immediately recognized that his condition was life-threatening and transferred him to Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana.  A valve in Bill’s heart was leaking, and he had a severe infection.  He underwent open-heart surgery at Carle to replace his nonfunctional valve with a mechanical valve.  He also had to receive intravenous antibiotics to combat the infection. Bill was hospitalized at Carle for more than two weeks to make sure he was well enough to go home.  He received home health care for six more weeks to help him recover.

“They saved my life at Carle…  If your heart quits beating, you quit,” said Bill.

Bill was happy to learn that he could continue his outpatient cardiac care at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney with Dr. Prem Ghai.

Dr. Ghai is a Board Certified Cardiologist and provides services at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in relation to General Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, inpatient, outpatient and ER consults, as well as outpatient diagnostic procedures.

“I feel good knowing that my cardiologist is close by and accessible if I have a problem,” he said.

The medication Bill takes for his heart condition requires him to have regular INR lab studies, which measures the thickness of his blood and risk for blood clots.  Dr. Ghai has been able to oversee those tests for him at Richland.

“Dr. Ghai and his staff keep me in the loop about my INR,” said Bill.  “The staff in the lab has been excellent, too.  Everyone is really friendly.”

Bill says he is also looking forward to seeing how access to care will continue to improve through Richland’s relationship with Carle.

“Integration of Carle and Richland is a blessing for us in this region.  Great things are going to happen,” he concluded.