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Psychiatric Unit

Many situations may call for inpatient psychiatric treatment.  Often times, major life events can throw even the most stable person into a state of emotional instability.  Other individuals face chronic mental illness, which requires regular monitoring.  In the worst of situations, hopeless feelings can lead to suicidal thoughts or actions.  In each of these instances, inpatient psychiatric treatment should be part of the continuum of care offered to patients to help achieve stability.

The Carle Richland Memorial Hospital Psychiatric Unit is able to provide excellent psychiatric care to adults (18 and over) by offering an interdisciplinary approach to patient care.  The interdisciplinary team consists of the Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurses, a Social Worker, an Activity Therapist, Psychiatric Technicians and many other staff that make up the therapeutic milieu.  Families and significant others are included in the treatment process, as well.  Several therapy/education sessions are offered each day.

Daily meetings with the Psychiatrist help to monitor progress throughout the stay.  The patient has a medical examination by an internist to determine if there are any medical problems that must be addressed.  This holistic approach to mental wellness has served patients well over the years and has resulted in measurable positive outcomes.

The average length of stay ranges between 4-6 days, and most patients feel the combination of appropriate psychotropic medications, along with the positive coping skills they learn during their stay, prepares them to return home better equipped to face the challenges of daily living.

The Psychiatric Unit staff works closely with referral sources to assure that inpatient care is available when needed and that patients have resources and follow-up care to meet their ongoing needs when they return to the community.  There is a support network available to all people who struggle with mental illness, and the Psychiatric Unit is actively involved in this network.

For additional information about the Carle Richland Memorial Hospital Psychiatric Unit, please call:

(618) 392-3302.  Inpatient referrals are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.